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flies away into the sun



Peter didn’t know what that meant, but he guessed that it had something to do with a lot of details, and he was never one for details. Although he didn’t ever age, he is the boy that never grows up after all, he wasn’t one to sit around idly wasting his time with things like details.

The laughing motion confused Peter for a second. Mimicking the robot for a second he realized he was laughing. This caused the boy to really laugh. A robot laughing!

Luckily he notices that there was more to read and immediately the boy’s face it up.

“You can fly?” he repeated. “I can too!”

Lifting off the ground, Peter did a quick flip in the air. He’s a very proud boy, and he’s not embarrassed to say he’s showing off how easy flight is for him.

The robot was surprised to learn that this boy could fly as well - he certainly wasn’t expecting that!

Before he could even doubt the claim made by the him, the young boy had lifted up from the ground, doing a flip in the air in a showy fashion. Canti let an exclamation mark appear on his screen at the sight, wondering how a boy could do such a thing. Then again, with all the things he’d seen while in this strange city, such a thing as a flying boy wasn’t that odd.

Days Gone By [Intro/Open]


Déjà vu hit Rick like a ton of bricks the second his eyes opened. Antiseptics assaulted his senses, the all too white of the walls nearly giving him a panic attack at the familiarity. This had happened before- waking up in a strange hospital. While he could not recall much he was certain that a hospital was not the last place he was in. Especially one so… clean. He pulled himself to a sitting position, heart beating so fast in his chest he was afraid he might have a panic attack. What if was all a dream? Had all of that really happened or was it some kind of coma induced trip? 

Before he had a chance to suffer a panic attack, the TV screen in front of him came to life and Rick turned his full attention to it. With each word, his heart sank a little more. He was gone. No one would know where he was. He’d abandoned everybody. What would they do without him? His son, his friends. The TV screen went black, Rick holding his head in his hands as he squeezed his eyes shut, trying to process all of this. He remained unmoving for a few long moments, numb with conflicting emotions.

Rick finally got a hold of himself after a good half hour, wiping his eyes with the heels of his hands. He had to be strong and push on- for them. They’d want him to anyways. The deputy stood up, finding himself equipped with nothing more than a damn BB gun. That would do him no good here, he reckoned. God only knew what lay behind those doors. With the useless toy in hand, he wearily approached the door. Without much caution, he kicked it open and stepped outside, BB gun raised. He nearly dropped it when he saw civilisation. Real people- breathing people! The city wasn’t in ruins- no Walkers! Unbridled joy spread over his expression, Rick unable to stop himself from grinning almost morbidly. This was great- of course… But he had a mission to complete. He didn’t recognise a single soul walking these streets but he had to find out what was going on here from somebody. Putting the BB gun away, the former cop approached the closest person, clearing his throat in an attempt to find his voice.


”.. ‘scuse me but would you, uh… By any chance know what’s goin’ on here?”

Canti turned around at the voice that seemed to be directed towards him, only to be greeted by the sight of a rather disheveled man. By the question he had asked, the robot could only assume the man must be one of the new arrivals to this city; it certainly seemed like new faces were arriving every day, but this was the first time he’d seen someone who looked like they hadn’t bathed in weeks. He wondered for a moment what kind of situation he had come from, before responding to the question he had been asked via his screen;

[Ah, you must be new here, I assume?]

[I don’t know much myself, but we’re apparently part of an experiment.]


Of all the things he could possibly have expected, that story was certainly not one of them.

The alien used the robot to capture the pirate king, but then took over the robot’s physical body, fought the other robots, and another alien created a portal in a boy’s forehead by, ah, hitting him with a guitar, which the alien-possessed robot left through? But then more things happened with robots, and pirates, and aliens.

“That sounds… fascinating. Good job stopping him. It? So you’ve fought many robots, with the pirate king by your side?”


“Evil robots, of course, unlike yourself and the ones I know from home. That’s an incredibly story.”

He loves stuff like this.

[Them. Medical Mechanica is a corporation of sorts. And I don’t know if I’ve really stopped them, since I don’t know how many planets there were before Earth that they had targeted… They were aiming for universal domination, after all.]

Canti nodded at the question - he had indeed fought and defeated many robots, with the help of the pirate kings power… and Naota, of course.

He wasn’t sure if evil was the right word to describe the robots Medical Mechanica had made - they were just doing as they were told, something he himself had done, before the pirate king had taken him over and he decided for himself that he didn’t want to let them take over Earth. It probably helped that he had made human friends after coming around, too.

Regardless, he decided not to dwell on it. Earth had been saved, so that was all that matter now. Even if he had been taken from it for some experiment…



“Well, doesn’t matter I suppose.” He gave off a shrug after reading the words that appeared on its… face. It would take some time to get used to this form of lipreading. “As long as we can communicate, I see no problem.”

Canti nodded in agreement a the statement before more text popped up as he placed a hand upon his own chest in introduction.

[I’m Canti.]


lord-of-black-flames started following you


“And here I thought Backrift was bad. Nope, I was wrong. Whereever I am, it has much more connections than my home does.” he muttered, rubbing his temples while looking at… Well, what was it? Only one way to find out. “Please, tell me you can talk.”

Canti shook his head at the man, before words appeared on his screen;

[Sorry, I can’t speak.]



“Oh my. How exciting.”

It sounded like an adventure novel, come to life. Pirates, and forehead portals? Such things really existed? Robots, he could understand, but—

“How did all of this… happen? If you don’t mind my asking.”

He contemplated for a moment about how to explain all the things that had happened back in Mabase, placing his hand on his chin as he thought. After a moment, the text began to scroll on his screen;

[Well, Medical Mechanica - the one’s who created me - had used me to capture the pirate king. Of course, being so powerful, he had then taken over my body to use it for escape, fighting the other robots that tried to stop him. It didn’t take long before we’d escaped through a portal created in a boy’s forehead thanks to a certain alien woman’s guitar smashing into him to create it.

Although, I wasn’t the only thing that came out of that portal; it didn’t take long for Medical Mechanica to start sending more robots through to try to destroy me and recapture the pirate king. I ended up fighting quite a few robots - most of them much larger than me. Luckily, with the pirate kings power on my side that the boy could harness by combining with me, we were able to defeat them. Long story short, the pirate king was able to escape, and Medical Mechanica failed to take over Earth.]


It’s time to clean up Hive city! [Open]


The tiny robot’s eyes open and he is awake, though not in his usual receptical. His eyes zoom in on the only thing moving, the screen in front of him.

He waits politely until the man is finished and nods at him, unplugging himself from the socket kindly supplied to him.


He does not need to comprehend what the man has just told him, his mind - if robots have minds - is whirling at great speed as he makes his way out of the blank room. He is greeted by a street full of people, none of whom notice or care for him. Where is he? Where is his manager? Who owns him?

And then he notices dirt on the ground and gum wrappers everywhere… At least he’ll be kept busy while he discovers his answers.

Canti had stopped in his tracks when he noticed the small thing scurrying around on the sidewalk - he was lucky to have noticed it, too, because he might have stepped on it if he didn’t. He stared for a moment at it as it seemed to pick up pieces of trash that were scattered around, and wondered what exactly it was. Well, it was obviously some sort of robot, much like himself, with it’s shiny metal exterior and electrical cord dragging around behind it, but what was it doing here?

Bending down to get a better look at it, he waited to see if it would notice him.