sialia016 sent: "Hello, Mr. Canti! I've reviewed your application, and am happy to say that you have been accepted as an employee at Hive City Medical Practice! While your particular method of communication makes you ineligible to be a Nurse, your compatibility and knowledge of our equipment qualifies you to be a Technician! Also, your application alerted me to a few more positions to add, and so, if you /wanted/ you are also eligible to be a Stock Worker. Congratulations, I look forward to working with you."

[Thank you. I’ll gladly take just the technician job, then.]

And so the robot is no longer jobless.




[I… I’m not sure I understand what this means…]



[…that’s not really a robot, is it?]


[This man must be stopped.]


[This man… is very enthusiastic about those sandwiches.]


[I’ve never seen a bunny before… They’re cute.]

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↔ = The character’s ability to read directions

I actually answered this exact question last week and forgot to cross it out when I reblogged the meme post. Whoops.